Yet Another Criminal Referral for Planned Parenthood and its Affiliates

Last year, Center for Medical Progress undercover videos revealed that Planned Parenthood affiliates were illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue. So now the government will finally investigate for possible prosecution.  According to Alexandra Desanctis of National Review:

Photo credit: Godspeak Calvary Chapel

Senator Chuck Grassley, who serves as the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced this afternoon that he has referred Planned Parenthood for America and several of its local affiliates to the FBI and the Justice Department for investigation and possible prosecution. These referrals are the result of Grassley’s ongoing investigation into the group’s involvement in fetal-tissue transfers and violations of federal law related to the fetal-tissue trafficking industry.

“I don’t take lightly making a criminal referral,” Grassley said in a release Tuesday afternoon. “But, the seeming disregard for the law by these entities has been fueled by decades of utter failure by the Justice Department to enforce it.”

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