Clayton Jennings Ends ‘Restoration’ Process, Says Mentor Tony Nolan

As previously reported, self-described evangelist Clayton Jennings had his “ministerial credentials” revoked after confessing to, among other things, luring women into sexual sin.  Jennings agreed to enter a restoration process but apparently it was short lived.  According to Polemics Report:

In a tweet sent out on December 12, Tony Nolan notified the public that his disgraced mentee, Clayton Jennings, had abandoned the process of ‘restoration’ and repentance that they advertised together in a mutual video put out several weeks ago and posted to their social media accounts.



Jennings is a popular youth-oriented evangelist who used social media as a springboard for his rise on the evangelical lecture circuit. Jennings, who fancies himself a “poet” in the genre of “spoken word” was first written about by Pulpit & Pen in September of 2015 in a post that highlighted his very apparent charming of the fairer sex and borderline lasciviousness that weaved its way through his gimmicky appeal. While the post did not accuse Jennings of impropriety, it did raise a very explicit red flag that this man – given everything that could be seen publicly – was possibly leading women to his charms more so than to Christ.

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