Top 10 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

A few days ago we posted “Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs of All Time” and wrote:

The songs were picked by author and speaker Michelle Lesley.  Michelle includes videos so that visitors to her blog will know just how appalling some popular “Christmas” songs are.

So now Michelle presents her opinion of the 10 best Christmas songs and once again she includes videos:

Christmas songs. Everybody’s got a favorite or two, or ten! I’ve given you my list of the ten worst. Now, in no particular order (mostly), and according to nothing other than my own preferences, here are my nominations for the ten best Christmas songs ever.

(Note: I do not necessarily endorse all of the songwriters or performers listed below, the churches/organizations they represent, any other songs they may have written or performed, or their theology. If you decide to follow any of these people or groups, check out their theology first to make sure it’s biblical.)

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