The Day After Christmas

Clint Archer of The Cripplegate shares an amazing story that many people have never heard before that took place on The Western Front of World War I.  Archer tells of the unauthorized truce to commemorate the birth of the Prince of Peace.  He writes:

Christmas Truce 1914 by A.Z. Rainman

The Christmas truce of  Christmas Eve, 1914 was a wonderful parenthesis of respite in the animosity of what would become the bloodiest war in human history.

As reports have been collated of that mysterious peace that washed over the Western Front on that silent night, it seems it all started with well-wishing and spontaneous singing of Christmas hymns. The Germans offered their hearty a cappella rendition of Stillenacht from their muddy trenches. In good cheer, from the British side—and by some accounts even in some French trenches—hymns of praise to God resounded throughout the empty battlefields.

Captain Robert Patrick Miles of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry division wrote in a letter that was published in the Daily Mail in January 1915:

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