‘I Got Gay Married. I Got Gay Divorced. I Regret Both.’

Homosexuals accomplished what they set out to do — legalize same-sex marriage. It was a hard-fought battle.  Yet for many gay people the victory is bitter sweet.  According to Denny Burk, Professor of Biblical Studies at Boice College, “Legal marriage has not transformed gay unions.” However, “Gay unions have fundamentally redefined marriage.”  What are some of the casualties of the battle? Burk reveals what they are:

Meredith Maran had an interesting essay in The New York Times over the weekend: “I Got Gay Married. I Got Gay Divorced. I Regret Both.” In it, she describes her “marriage” to her lesbian partner in 2008 and the subsequent dissolution of their relationship in 2013. She regrets her gay marriage and divorce, but it is not because she is against gay marriage in principle. Rather she says this:

In many cities over many years, my wife and I had marched for marriage equality. We’d argued with the haters and we’d argued with the gay people who said that legal marriage would co-opt us, diminish us, turn us into a caricature of “normal” married people. We swore we could enjoy the rights only marriage conferred and still have our gender-fluid commitment ceremonies, our chosen-family configurations, our dexterity at turning friends into lovers and vice versa.

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