Refugee Hysteria Obscures Order’s Reasonable Goal

Dan Cadman expresses his disapproval of the “apocalyptic rhetoric and rowdy protests” that were held over what he believes are sensible safety precautions by the White House.  The writer admits:

The White House might have done a better job of rolling out this EO and so avoided some of the trauma and drama…


in the end, it affected a total (at current figures) of 173 persons denied boarding and 109 held up at entry ports out of the hundreds of thousands who entered the United States in the past couple of days. Most of those 109 were kept a period of hours and then released.

Cadman puts the kerfuffle in perspective in a piece he wrote for LifeZette:

Following promulgation of the most recent executive order from the White House, establishing a 90-day suspension for visa issuance or entry into the U.S. of alien nationals from certain specified high-risk countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen), all hell broke loose.

Actually, the EO contains many significant facets, but most of them got lost in the shouting that prevailed.

Rowdy demonstrations were held at international airports and city centers in various parts of the country; international leaders issued solemn denunciations; three lawsuits were filed and temporary stays issued to enjoin that part of the EO which might result in actual removal of an alien who was in transit when it was issued, and arrived subsequently at a port of entry, and one even to enjoin detention and directing Customs and Border Protection to tell airlines to permit affected travelers to board — although both are probably judicial overreach given the government’s broad powers at U.S. borders.

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