Scientists Have Unlocked the Code That Turns Genes On and Off

Now that scientists have gene editing ability they’ll have the means to practice eugenics. To make this discovery easier for the public to swallow, researchers prefer telling us that they’ll be able to find ways to prevent diseases….if that’s truly their goal. Time will tell what our future holds. Futurism has the story:

A DNA sequence code critical to our understanding of how human genes are turned on and off has just been unlocked by a team of scientists. Molecular biologists refer to this code as the “human initiator.” Ever since it was first observed back in the 80s, the human initiator was believed to play a significant role in gene activation, given that it commonly occurs at the start sites of genes.

Since then, numerous attempts were made to sequence the elusive code—but none were able to do so successfully until today, when scientists from University of California – San Diego were able to confirm the code responsible for initiating transcription and regulation of more than half of human genes.

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