Mindfulness is the New Transcendental Meditation

Study – Grow – Know warns that the Buddhist – Hindu practice of TM has been changed to mindfulness but what hasn’t changed is that it is a meditative practice that clears the mind and takes the practitioner into an altered state of consciousness:

We’ve written before on the subject of mindfulness, here and here. However, since awareness and practice of it has been growing seemingly by leaps and bounds, another warning regarding that system is probably a good idea.

Time recently published a special edition that deals completely with the area of mindfulness. Though the cover price was $13.00, it was beneficial to understand the spin placed on this growing problem. First thing to notice is that right on the cover, Time calls mindfulness, “the new science of health and happiness.” Whenever something like mindfulness is referred to as “science,” red flags should go up.

After all, mindfulness is dealing with the area of philosophy, but is presented in a way that is intended to make people believe that it is based in hard, cold, scientific fact. It’s not. It used to be called Mindfulness of Purpose, but has been shortened to simply mindfulness. That is also a clue. Often, names and labels are changed completely or shortened to make them more scientific sounding, so that people will have a difficult time disagreeing with them.

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