The Den at the Epicenter of Hillsong for Youth?

According to Churchwatch Central (CWC), degrading imagery of Jesus is being promoted in Hillsong’s youth den that will leave you dumbfounded.  “The Jesus used, the symbols around Jesus, the upside down Jesus with wolf ears and the word ‘Judas’ above his head (and a wolf blowing fire on him), the Jesus with the words ‘Wolf Man Wolf Man’ and a wolf eating at his heart, the hand of man touching a hand of death…”

CWC’s piece contains disturbing images they collected from Instagram photos of the mural that were posted by Laura Toggs (Laura Houston) and Hillsong artist Dodgepangburn.

So what does it all mean?  CWC’s offers their perspective:

NBRS Architecture states that,

“The Hillsong Epicentre is the second stage of a two stage project. Stage one included the 300 seat Hillsong Chapel and carpark, which were completed in 2006. Stage two incorporates a 500 seat auditorium with foyer and back of house facilities including: a green room, guest room, storage, a loading bay, a professional TV studio & TV control room, 3 TV edit suites, a smaller college training TV studio, a professional sound studio with 8 professional sound edit suites, a smaller college training sound studio with 4 edit suites, 3 band rehearsal rooms, 9 music practice rooms, 20 classrooms, 2 large seminar / meeting rooms that will be used by the college during the week and children’s ministries on Sundays, a specialised preschool children’s playroom, a large youth area, carpark area providing spaces for 300 cars. The Hillsong Epicentre is currently under construction and is due to be completed in January 2017.” [Source]

It appears that Laura Toggs (Laura Houston) has already decided what she wanted for the “large youth area.” It appears she wanted a massive mural for the youth. So what kind of mural did she allow to go inside?

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