Scientific atheism: a frivolous exercise in intellectual contempt

Jesse Johnson of The Cripplegate reminds creationists that we’re not the ones who have to prove or disprove evolutionist’s theories because we’re not making substantive claims. “The burden of proof is on those postulating with certainty that they know the scientific secrets of life,” says Johnson.  He writes:

Last week I reviewed The Kingdom of Speech, by Tom Wolfe. Wolfe is not religious (the New York Times calls him an atheist, for whatever that’s worth), but he delivers a stunning critique of modern evolutionary theory as being entirely devoid of substantial evidence.

Which in turn reminded me of David Berlinski’s book The Devils Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. Berlinski, despite himself being an atheist, cannot tolerate the intellectual arrogance demonstrated by today’s atheistic evolutionists. While I don’t want to review the whole book, I will pass on its main point: a scientific theory should only claim what it can prove. The problem with evolution is that it claims to explain everything, while it actually is able to prove nothing.

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