Benny Hinn’s claims to being an Apostle

Churchwatch Central presents the evidence that Word of Faith prosperity preaching icon Benny Hinn claims he is a modern day “Apostolic Leader” and an “Apostle.” They start by showing us what is on Hinn’s website:

“One of Benny Hinn’s greatest ministries has been as mentor and apostle for a growing army of Christian leaders.”

This is why back in the 80s and 90s, Benny Hinn was claiming that God would strike people dead if people questioned him and other “men of God” like Paul Crouch.

According to NAR Leader, C. Peter Wagner, greater amounts of spiritual authority are delegated by the Holy Spirit to individuals, that is, Apostles:

“In my judgment, views of leadership and leadership authority constitute the most radical of the nine changes from traditional Christianity.  Here is the main difference: The amount of spiritual authority delegated by the Holy Spirit to individuals.  I have attempted to use each word in that statement advisedly.” [Source]

You can see Benny Hinn wielding this delegated ‘spiritual authority’ and his so-called ‘apostolic authority’ in this statement…

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