The extreme teaching of Jennifer LeClaire

In a piece entitled “LeClaire spills ink over ‘sneaky squid spirit’ attack?” Churchwatch Central (CWC) begins by telling us that their article will show that Pentecostalism and charismaticism are enemies of each other.  CWC points out that the Pentecostal AOG in America condemned the New Order of the Latter Rain, an early charismatic movement, for one of six practices. An excerpt of the minutes of the Twenty-Third General Council is included.

And then they get to the point of their piece: Charisma Magazine senior editor Jennifer LeClaire is guilty of operating under the condemned practice. (CRN has reported on Jennifer LeClaire here.)

So with this background in mind, here’s CWC’s piece:


“After this squid spirit attacked my friend, I went to her home to help her battle it. The attack was severe, but when I laid hands on her and commanded the squid to be bound, the most violent symptoms would cease. Of course, when you stand in the gap, you often take a hit. That squid spirit started stalking me. I ended up with a migraine during the battle—a manifestation of that mind control spirit—and was attacked in my mind for days afterwards.”

Is she deceived enough to believe (alongside her NARismatic brethren) that this is a “sneaky squid spirit”? Or is she arrogant enough to think that she, (just like the Sons of Sceva), had the authority over “the squid to be bound.” She was even more deceived to think she could “stand in the gap,” a concept most Christians have of what Christ did on our behalf on Calvary. So her Messiah-like complex is also a major problem when it comes to exorcism. One only needs to read scripture to see what happened with the infamous sons of Sceva who were tricked by a demon to cast out entities by their own authority.

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