How deep and wide does the NAR rabbit hole go?

On Wednesday we posted a piece over at Berean Research entitled “Who Are Family Research Council’s Watchmen On the Wall?” where BR revealed who these so-called watchmen are and what the Watchman on the Wall gathering is all about.  They did some more digging into pro-family groups, starting with the Family Research Council and what they discovered about this organization will come as a surprise to many of you. Thanks to their digging, those who’ve helped keep FRC in business by supporting them financially will learn where their money has been spent:

How do you discover which networks of Apostles are working together to reclaim America and build God’s Kingdom here on earth? You click. Just keep clicking, and clicking, and clicking some more, until things click. It takes time to research, and if you’re looking for an easy, bullet-point list of what I’m sharing in this report, you should put this aside for when you have time to investigate.

This morning I reported on the Family Research Council’s Watchman On the Wall meeting in Washington D.C., which continued today and features several NAR speakers who teach a different gospel.

After doing a little more digging on this Watchman organization, I found a disturbingly large network of ecumenical groups working together in what the New Apostolic Reformation calls the “Cultural Sphere of influence” in its 7 Mountain Mandate. (If you can take dominion of these seven spheres, you can activate Jesus’ return, as the modern Apostles teach.)

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