The Christian Knows What Jesus Says On The Issue Of Homosexuality

Apprising Ministries has a piece by Pastor Ken Silva that was penned in early 2013 where he handles the homosexual debate in a biblical and uncompromising manner. Ken offers encouragement and reminds us that “our job as ambassadors of God in Jesus Christ (cf. 2 Corinthians 5:20) is to faithfully proclaim what the Lord has said in His inerrant and infallible Word in Scripture.” Now to his article:

Apprising Ministries continues to warn you that there’s a very dark and deviant same sex storm, which is reaching hurricane force and is now only just slightly off the coast of the mainstream evangelical community.

If you need any further convincing of the power of the pro-homosexual lobby consider the recently concluded presidential inauguration where a decades old sermon snippet from ostensibly evangelical Louie Giglio surfaced.

Though I’m no fan of Giglio, in that sermon he rightly called the deviant lifestyle of sexual relations with members of the same sex, i.e. homosexuality, sin. It’s always sexual union outside marriage, which is sexual immorality.

Immediately upon this sermon surfacing Giglio was no longer welcome to give the benediction for Obama’s inauguration. Sadly, Louie Giglio missed the opportunity to bring the hypocrisy of Barack Obama et al to light.

Pastor Giglio should have said: “Go ahead; do whatever you want to me publicly.” That would’ve brought liberals into the open and he could’ve then preached the real Gospel, which would’ve been headlines in the secular news.

Instead he chose to cower under the threat of enemy fire and acquiesce to them as I previously covered in Louie Giglio Is No Hero To Be Admired. The bottom line in this matter with Obama and Giglio is really pretty simple.

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