Heresy Hunter’s Open letter to Michael Brown…

In letter posted a few days ago, Churchwatch Central (CWC) had a lot to say to Dr. Michael Brown, who is a charismatic, for calling those of us who are involved in online apologetics and discernment ministries “self-appointed heresy hunters.” Actually, what we are is “wolf hunters.” The name fits, as we’re the ones who go after wolves in sheep’s clothing who are savaging the sheep.  Some of those we call out are New Apostolic Reformation self-appointed prophets and apostles who’ve introduced every heresy imaginable into the visible Church. In short, wolf hunters report on anyone who doesn’t hold to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.

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Wolf hunters fear God, not man; thus, we will often “names names.” One of the names we’ve brought to the attention of the Christian community is prominent apologist Michael Brown (here).  Why?  For sending wolves into sheep pens.  Dr. Brown responded to what some bloggers were reporting about him — and CWC has hit back.

Dear Dr. Brown,

Recently you took aim at Christians and labeled them as, “self-appointed heresy hunters” who “are like a doctor who amputated his patient’s head because the patient needed eye-glasses.” You went as far as to painting them to be “like the hypocrites Jesus spoke of who strained out a gnat yet swallowed a camel.” You’ve unfairly stereotyped them by claiming they are “damning some of God’s children to hell because of a difference over a non-essential doctrine or practice.”

We already know what you think about us with your false accusations and your fallacious arguments as to ignore the claims about you and your theological practices and leanings. Yet you hold to an ideal in hoping “God reveal to them the fullness of His truth and love, and may the discover the fullness of the Spirit’s power.”

Do you sincerely want that desire to come to pass? Then keep supporting your NAR Apostle and Prophet friends. Keep strengthening the “relational structures” of your NAR network and keep promoting a culture of ‘unity’ at the expense of love and truth.

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