You can overdose on opioids by touching the drug

Most folks are unaware that it’s possible to overdose on opioids like fentanyl by touching the drug or even by taking in particles that are nearly impossible to be seen by the naked eye. Law enforcement officers are especially vulnerable as they’re exposed to opioids on the job.  Michelle Chavez has this troubling story in a piece over at Fox News titled “Ohio police officers on the frontline fighting opioid crisis.” She writes:

Ohio police officers are taking added precautions while on patrol as they try to save others overdosing on opioids.

East Liverpool Officer Chris Green almost died on the job last month after accidentally overdosing on fentanyl because of exposure on the job. Green told Fox News he noticed drugs in a suspect’s vehicle during a routine traffic stop then took the necessary precautions when directly dealing with the substance.

A colleague back at the police station later pointed out powdery particles on Green’s shirt. Green wiped it off, then he collapsed.

He was briefly hospitalized and treated before being released.

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