What is the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement?

Churchwatch Central has put together a summary of New Apostolic Reformation pioneers Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, C. Peter Wagner and John Wimber.

NAR false teachers “Apostle” Bill Johnson & “Prophet” Mike Bickle

We’ve already provided a simplistic overview of the Shepherding/Discipleship Movement (SDM) in the 1970s. This time we would like to turn your attention to the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement (PAM). 

Mike Bickle has done the body of Christ a massive favor by advertising the historical foundations of his iHOP movement through these sessions and resources. In the attached resources you will hear:

  1. Their experiences with the ‘Dominus’ Jesus and the ‘Don’ Jesus,
  2. How they helped pioneer the APM, with leaders such as John Wimber,
  3. How the Apostles of the Vineyard Movement worked with the Prophets of the Kansas City Prophetic Movement to further establish their governance over the visible church,
  4. Countless bizarre prophecies and experiences from Mike Bickle, Bob Jones and other false prophets and leaders.

Although Wimber and Wagner played a significant role in developing the Apostolic Movement through the Vineyard Movement (US) and New Wine Movement (UK) in the 1980s, our focus will be more on the Prophetic Movement in Kansas City, led by Bickle and Jones.

This article exists so people can hear. for themselves, Bob Jones and Mike Bickle talk about iHOP’s creepy beginnings. Back in the early 1980s, it was known as the Kansas City Fellowship (KCF). It later became the Kansas City Prophets (KCP) prophetic movement which helped bring into fruition other movements, mainly the iHOP movement. We will also include an important work of a man who helped exposed the dangers of this dangerous part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

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