Kris Vallotton ‘You are gods’

From Berean Research:

Photo credit Christian Research Service

There is no doubt that the influence Bethel Church in Redding, California has on its global networks is one your own church may well be a part of, either knowingly or not. We have many research links on this site to help you learn more, along with articles on Bethel, and Kris Vallotton.

Churchwatch Central has been posting a series on Bethel Church, where pastor Kris Vallotton is beginning to be more bold in how he displays is unbiblical theology.  Understand that the “You are Little Gods” theology is from the Word of Faith movement, which has been blended expertly by those at Bethel Church into a New Apostolic Reformation cocktail poisoning the modern church around the world.  Here is part of Churchwatch’s article, and I encourage you to read the entire post on their site: (And yes, we stand by CWC’s assessment of Dr. Michael Brown, who has proven to be a proponent and a part of the NAR.)

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