The ‘Can’t Talk’ Rule – Red Flags in Abusive Churches

In this piece over at The Hope Blog, Ingrid Schlueter tackles a tough topic: abusive churches. One of the hallmarks of corruption to look for is the application of the “Can’t Talk Rule.” Speak out loud about the problem and you are the problem. Ingrid cites a book that spells out how abusive pastors and church boards operate.  She writes:

At a time when spiritual abuse in churches is epidemic, being able to spot it when it occurs is crucial. I’ve written a number of posts on this topic, and time and again, I am reminded of why understanding how abusive church leaders operate is important. Abusive leaders all tend to operate with the same play book. The difference between a secular abusive environment and one that is religious is that abusers in high places of a church have some extra tools in their control toolbox to bludgeon those under them into submission. Throughout history, on a grand scale or on a small scale, you can see how corrupt religious leaders make full use of speaking for God in order to consolidate and wield their power. It’s how they roll.

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