The Power of Prayer and Scalise’s Near-Miraculous Recovery

LifeZette’s Leah Jessen has the story of “How a nation of the faithful has helped buoy the spirits and well-being of a stricken lawmaker and his family.”:

Prayer’s healing power has helped House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) on his path to recovery after a lone shooter went on a rampage last month at a Virginia baseball field, striking the Louisiana congressman and several others.

“As a family of faith, the Scalise family believes in the power of prayer, and have been able to stay in good spirits during this most difficult time from the outpouring of prayers they have received,” Lauren Fine, the majority whip’s press secretary, told LifeZette in an emailed message. “They are eternally grateful and humbled by the support they have been given from folks across the country.”

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