Daughter of CRI Founder Defends Hank Hanegraaff Amid ‘Fake News’ Charges That He Stole CRI Presidency

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In this piece over at Christian Post (CP), Cindee Martin Morgan and her husband Rick state that, “no matter what people think of Hanegraaff’s conversion to Orthodoxy, it is wrong to slander him regarding his CRI leadership post that he has held for nearly 30 years…”

In their view, “Dr. Martin should be given the credit and the respect of making preparations for CRI in the aftermath of learning he would not have long to live.”

Now to CP’s story:

Dr. Walter Martin, founder of Christian Research Institute

The daughter and son-in-law of Walter Martin, founder of the Christian Research Institute, claims it is “fake news” that Hank Hanegraaff stole the CRI presidency, a charge now being inferred by Martin’s eldest daughter, Jill Martin Rische.

In a statement posted last week on their ministry page on Facebook, Rick and Cindee Martin Morgan wrote of the ongoing controversy surrounding Hanegraaff who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy a few months ago, rising to his defense.

They responded to a 26-second video titled “Why Walter Martin Did Not Choose Hank Hanegraaff,” which was posted on YouTube by Rische on July 24. It features the late Walter Martin speaking generally about the church being “overridden” with Christians who desire to be teachers but have no qualifications or education when it comes to the Bible. Hanegraaff does not have a formal theological education or any credentials.

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