10 Common but Illegitimate Reasons to Divorce

Does God say Christians can get a divorce for the sake of the kids? Is it okay to get a divorce because you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse? Does God sanction divorce because the marriage is just not working out and He wants His children to be happy? Blogger, author and book reviewer Tim Challies lists 10 illegitimate reasons professing Christians offer for severing a marriage that he came across in a book by Jim Newheiser:

It is clear in the Bible that God’s intention for marriage is that it remain in effect until the death of one spouse. I believe it is also quite clear that God has provided a limited set of circumstances in which a marriage can legitimately be severed. However, many people—even Christians—offer reasons to divorce that are not sanctioned by God. Jim Newheiser helpfully outlines a number of these in his book Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Critical Questions and Answers. Here are 10 common but illegitimate reasons to divorce.

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