Anti-Hurricane Declarations Making Prophets Re-Think Ability to Control Weather

Although some charismatic “Weather Warriors” thought they could control the weather simply by confidently decreeing and declaring, even finger shooting, a cat 4 hurricane into the Atlantic Ocean and “dissipating,” Hurricane Irma failed to respond to their commands. After leaving a path of devastation across the Caribbean, the hurricane whipped through Florida, causing death and destruction. Now the hurricane hunters have some splainin to do. According to Pulpit & Pen News, one of them “acknowledges that maybe the charismatic community hasn’t got the whole ‘controlling the weather’ thing down yet.” And they never will. Why? Because God controls the weather.

Now to P&P’s story:

NAR Apostle Lance Wallnau finger shooting Hurricane Irma

Weather is one of those things that happens. In fact, weather happens every day. In further fact, weather happens every day everywhere. Proving that humanity continues to be as superstitious as our ancestors ever were, there have been lots of theories about why the recent hurricanes have occurred. Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, says that it is “nature’s wrath” for the election of Trump. Stevie Wonder said anyone who doesn’t think climate change caused it is “blind” (it’s unclear whether he was making a pun). Kirk Cameron is the celebrity with the perhaps the best answer, which was essentially the Providence of God. One charismatic preacher claimed that it was meant to resemble a sonogram of a baby, and blamed abortion. Other charismatics have also claimed to know the specific divine reasons for these hurricanes.

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