Hillsong Gets Romantic With God, Commits Theoerosism

Before we get to the Pulpit & Pen News piece, which includes a video, it’s important to note that Hillsong royalty, King Brian and Queen Bobbie, have absolutely no concept of the holiness of God. Because if the Houstons actually do understand who the God of the Bible is, they’d have put a stop to the release of “Where Are You.”  But they didn’t. Likewise, whoever came up with the “love song to God” couldn’t possibly grasp who our God is, as the words clearly suggest…words that don’t come close to glorifying Him.

Clearly, the song was inspired, not by the Holy Spirit, but by spiritual forces of wickedness.

Now to P&P’s piece:

Theoerosism is a heresy named from two words in Greek, θεός and ἔρως, meaning God and love. ἔρως, however, is often used to describe an erotic type of love, and so Theoerosism is mean to mean “erotic love for God.”

Although Theoerosism is not new in terms of world religion and was common place among the Greeks and other pagan traditions, Theoerosism is relatively new among purported Christians. Theoerosists view or speak of God in terms of sensuality or eroticism, and is contained historically to the 20th and 21st Century.

Theoerosism is popularized in much of sub-Christian media, in worship songs that speak of God romantically or in literature that discusses God with erotic styling.

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