Wm. Paul Young Teaches New Age Lie About Separation on TBN

From Berean Research:

For those who haven’t yet heard, “The Shack” author, William Paul Young, is from a New Age/New Spirituality persuasion (like Oprah); likewise, Young rejects the Penal Substitutionary Atonement (that Jesus took the penalty for our sins on the cross). So with this in mind, it’s rather odd that he uses the term “Christian” to describe his religious beliefs.  A mouse in the cookie jar is not a cookie, brethren.

The truth is, Young is a first rate manure spreader. “The Shack,” purchased mainly by the Christian community (sadly) has nothing to do with biblical Christianity. The fact of the matter is that the book is riddled with the worst kind of heresy imaginable. (Read our coverage here.)

In a piece over at Lighthouse Trails, Warren B. Smith fills us in on Paul Young’s continuing effort to destroy the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. (Jude 1:3) He writes

On the March 12, 2017 episode 5 of Restoring The Shack television series on the TBN Christian television network, Shack author Wm. Paul Young stated it is a “lie” to believe that God is “separate” from His creation. Invoking a vision that was reputedly given by God to friend and fellow author C. Baxter Kruger, Young described this alleged lie as the “lie of separation.” But as a former New Ager, I recognized what Young was calling the “lie of separation” was in and by itself a lie. What he was teaching had nothing to do with biblical Christianity and everything to do with the false teachings of the New Age/New Spirituality/New World view. In fact, what Young was attempting to convey to countless TBN viewers was the same thing I had been taught and was teaching when I was in the New Age—that there is “no separation” between God and creation because God is “in” everyone and everything.

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