Kris Vallotton — Following the Bible is Small Minded

What is “noted prophetic voice” Kris Vallotton up to now? Anthony Wade of 8:28 Ministries dissects his new teaching where he applies Scripture out of context to sell “carnal magic tricks.”:

He is at it again. Mega-heretic Kris Vallotton from the cesspool that is Bethel Church has written another blog post revealing further the depraved mind of a false teacher. Most false teachers you can pin down to a primary deception but Vallotton is a new breed who ascribes to nearly every false teaching there is and rolls them into his hybrid form of Christianity. A firm NAR adherent, Vallotton also ascribes to the prosperity gospel, false signs and lying wonders, word faith, and experiential Christianity; just to name a few. His enemy is the Bible and anyone who insists on reliance upon the Bible. This has never been more obvious than in the link above entitled, “I’m Tired of Small-Minded Christianity.” Let us reason together beloved again as we embark on a dangerous journey through this wicked mind that is leading so many people straight to hell. Do not lose sight of the fact that he seems to actually believe this garbage he writes.

“It troubles me that many people who claim to be Christians live with limited, powerless, finite thinking. How is this even possible? I mean, how do people who claim to have the Creator of the Universe living inside of them, the mind of Christ thinking through them, and the Spirit of God influencing the world around them even have the nerve to think small? I’d propose that we believers don’t have permission to live with limited mindsets!” — Kris Vallotton

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