Did Hillsong Leader, Brian Houston, Lie Under Oath to Royal Commission?

Pulpit & Pen News has the story:

I once heard a colleague make the eyebrow-raising statement, “I’d sooner put a Roman Catholic priest in charge of the nursery than a Pentecostal in charge of the worship music.” A foolhardy and controversial statement, indeed, nonetheless not without warrant. But what would be worse is if both were true.

Frank Houston, the deceased founder of Hillsong Church in Australia, was a confessed child molester–and a charismatic. He was no Roman Catholic priest, but he did run the church as the head of a top-down style ecclesiological system. If you’re unaware of the Hillsong scandal that’s been going on for years, Frank Houston confessed to molesting several children while he was the head of the church to his son, Brian Houston, the current leader. Brian Houston has now been under investigation by Australia’s Royal Commission for his possible role in sweeping his father’s crimes under the rug. During the investigation, Brian Houston made the following claims to the Royal Commission:

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