Faith Based Movies Intending to Use More F-Bombs, Profanity

The Hollywood film director who’s making these sorts of movies is a professing Christian with a Masters in Theological Studies. He claims using coarse language, that includes the F-word, plus taking the Lord’s Name in vain in his movies is all about marketing.

Good grief!

Pulpit & Pen News has the story:

Spencer Folmar is a Hollywood director and is known for producing faith-based films. He’s also a graduate of Bible College, having earned a Certificate in Leadership from the Capernway Bible School in New Zealand. He also earned a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. His latest movie was Generational Sins, a faith-based film in which two boys with a dying mother retrace their life steps and end up finding hope in their faith in God. Folmar’s production company is Third Brother Films, which describes itself as “a film production company established for the purpose of bringing compelling stories about the human condition to a film going audience in a way that artistically reflects the mind and spirit of Jesus Christ, and speaks truth to this present generation in a fresh and powerful way.”

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