There Goes the Neighborhood: What I Think About Mark Driscoll’s Move to Patheos

On his Facebook page, Mark Driscoll has a video thanking Patheos for inviting him to move his blog to their platform. So now the disgraced “pastor” will be blogging with a group of Progressive Christians. Patheos blogger Jonathan Aigner is not happy that Driscoll has joined the group. So he wrote a piece to remind us of days gone by, when Mark Driscoll pastored Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and what led up to his public disgrace and the disintegration of the megachurch he founded. In his piece, Aigner presents some of the graphic details of what got Mark Driscoll in trouble. Even though he lays out the facts, some readers will find this piece offensive.

Apparently Mark Driscoll’s blog now has a home in this neighborhood.

Yes, that Mark Driscoll.

Don’t recall? Let me refresh your memory.

This is the Mark Driscoll who built a Seattle megachurch in his own image. “I am the brand,” he was reported to say.

This is the guy who claimed men hated the church because it made Jesus into a “Richard Simmons, hippie queer Christ.” “I cannot worship a guy I can beat up,” he said.

It’s the one who screamed at men in his congregation for mistreating the women in their lives. Then he published a book in which he heartbreakingly and blatantly shamed his own wife because of her own abuse history. What kind of monster would whine about how his spouse’s trauma negatively impacted their sex life? Mark Driscoll, apparently.

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