Awaken the Dawn! What’s Behind the ‘Holy Spirit Woodstock’ Coming to DC

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult is behind the October 6 gathering on the National Mall where thousands upon thousands will go to pray for revival in America. So, will there actually be a “Holy Spirit Woodstock” those who attend Awaken the Dawn are going to pray for? Without getting too far afield, for a revival to take place the true Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached. That won’t happen. It never happens at NAR assemblies.

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As a side note, when NAR false prophet Lou Engle is  even remotely associated with any so-called Christian event, we can assure you that what’s going on is not biblical. And those who attend these events should not be referred to as evangelicals. Why? Because NAR/Latter Rain/Dominionism, which Engle is a part of, is not authentic evangelical Christianity. NAR is a well-organized, well-funded counterfeit. Those who are a part of this movement lack spiritual discernment; sadly, many of the folks are deceived. Even worse, they’re false converts.

Now back to the subject at hand, revival. CBN reporter Paul Strand informs us that, “Only God Himself can bring about such a revival and answer such a prayer.” Here’s the kicker: “But those behind Awaken the Dawn feel they know how to partner with Him.” Partnering with God to bring about revival is taught in the Bible…..where, exactly?

Strand’s piece can be found over at CBN News, a site we do not endorse.  Be sure to watch the video.

This vast expanse of public land stretching from Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial has seen many mass gatherings across the decades. But never one aimed simply at worshipping the Savior of mankind around-the-clock for days in a row. Yet that’s what’s coming October 6th-9th.

Tens of thousands of Christians praising and praying will fill some 57 tents, taking up much of that vast space running through the heart of the nation’s capital.

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