The exclusivity of Jesus

Does the Bible really teach that there is only one way to God, one road to heaven, and that’s through believing in Jesus Christ? Or are there many roads we can take to get to heaven when we die? Elizabeth Prata of The End Time reveals the biblical teaching on this contentions issue. She writes:

One of the most hated, if not THE most hated doctrine of Christianity, is the exclusivity of Jesus. This doctrine is the one that states Jesus is the only way to heaven. You cannot get to heaven by your own works, family relations, church attendance, other god, other religion, or any other method except to repent of your sins and believe in the resurrected Jesus by faith alone through grace alone.

I receive some arched eyebrows, heated responses, and hate mail for saying so, some from my own family. “Away with dogma!” my aunt grandly proclaimed, right before she blocked me. Same with other family members. But these responses are no worse than anybody else’s experiences and a great deal less hurtful than what others have endured, I’m sure.

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