Hollywood Producer Hides Lewd Behavior Behind Liberal Politics

According to Zachery Lehman, “Charges against Harvey Weinstein and his own admissions reveal the man to be anything but the liberal feminist he’s claimed to be.”

LifeZette has the story:

Sixty-five-year-old Harvey Weinstein co-founded the successful studios Miramax and The Weinstein Company, and jump-started the careers of such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith. He has arguably been Hollywood’s biggest producer for decades.

The mega-producer has also been an outspoken liberal over the years. He’s long been a critic of the National Rifle Association, and he was a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016  presidential campaign. He even participated in the Women’s March in January of this year.

A new report from The New York Times reveals that, aside from his professional accomplishments and political advocacy over the past decades, Weinstein has also been leading a secret life.

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