Oprah Magazine: God’s ‘in’ Abortions?

From Berean Research:

Here’s a cold hard fact. Close to sixty million innocent babies have been butchered in the one place they should be safest — their mother’s womb. In this piece over at Herescope,Pastor Larry DeBruyn and Sarah Leslie shred the new counternarrative to the abortion debate embraced by the Oprah Winfrey establishment as well as “Christian” celebrities like The Shack author William P. Young: abortion is a sacred and divine right. Yes, you heard me correctly. Professing Christians, with Oprah’s help, are putting forth the narrative that abortion is a sacred and divine right. Let that sink in, brethren.

“Sacred Oneness”—a Deadly Counternarrative! 

Humane theology was the foundation of Dr. George Tiller’s practice. It dictates that alleviating suffering is a Christian’s sacred responsibility. If God is in everything, and in everyone, then God is as much in the woman making a decision to terminate a pregnancy as in her Bible. —Dr. Willie Parker, MD, Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice[1]

Because of his “oneness” worldview that God is “in” everyone and everything is “in” God, Dr. Willie Parker believes that God sanctions aborting-killing of babies. The Oprah Magazine quotes him as having written in his book,

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