Pastor as Overseer of Worship Music

According to Joshua Jenkins, the pastor’s role is to be an overseer.  One of the areas he’s responsible to oversee is the worship music of the church, says Jenkins. Why? Because the songs we sing during worship “are of utmost theological importance, second only to the ministry of the Word from the pulpit.” Therefore, “It is unbiblical and ecclesiastically illegal for a congregation, committee, or other party to strip the pastor of this responsibility, since it is God who gave it to him.”

In a piece over at For the Church, Joshua Jenkins lays out what the pastor’s responsibility is when it comes to overseeing worship music. He writes:

Most people would typically understand and agree that one of the pastor’s main responsibilities is the weekly preaching and teaching from the pulpit. Further, most would agree that the pastor is the overseer of the doctrine that is taught in the church, although it is most likely within the bounds of the confession or doctrinal statements already laid out by the church.

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