Why the Brownsville Revival was a demonic revival, run by Satan’s servants

By Churchwatcher

This article’s title may seem extreme, but Christians MUST scrutinize the spiritual nature of the so-called Brownsville Revival, (also known as the Pensacola Outpouring or Father’s Day Outpouring). This event was heralded as a crowning achievement by many Apostles and Prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult. They claim this revival came from God Himself.

Furthermore, NAR Apostles like Michael Brown used this event as if it had a greater authority than scripture itself to justify his NAR-centered theology, arrogantly calling that which was demonic, of God.

The proof is in what they say and teach. Firstly, Apostles of the NAR attribute the origins of this revival not to God but to David Yonggi Cho, a dangerous false teacher (and a good friend of Apostle Michael Brown). Cho listened to a demon who gave him ‘pagan’ revelation (Japanese Buddhism) under the guise of Christian doctrine – this demonic entity speaking to Cho audibly. It was through this spirit’s revelations that Cho boasts of his extra-biblical revelations which he calls the teachings of the Fourth Dimension, on which he built his church (not Jesus).

And it is through this demonic spirit that he prophesied the Toronto Blessing and the Pensacola Outpouring.

David Yonggi Cho and Ken Sumrall’s “prophecy” over Pensacola

For further proof of this anti-Christian revival, Ps Chris Rosebrough from Pirate Christian Radio has reviewed numerous sermons from this cult-like, man-made, heavily orchestrated event. He proves without a shadow of a doubt that its origins are demonic, an event that continually twisted God’s Word, blasphemed the name of Jesus and prophesied falsely in the name of God. In this article, we have compiled all of Ps Chris Rosebrough’s sermon reviews about the Brownsville Revival. These reviews will be of great assistance to those who are questioning the legitimacy of the Brownsville Revival and ‘Apostle’ Michael Brown’s legitimacy as a Christian voice.


This article also offers a review of Apostle Steve Hill’s sermon, Rosebrough’s review can be accessed at the bottom:

Sermon Review: The Father’s Day Outpouring by Steve Hill


This article also offers a review of Apostle David Yonggi Cho’s sermon, Rosebrough’s review can be accessed at the bottom:

Sermon Review: Yonggi Cho’s False Doctrine & Narcissistic Preaching at Brownsville


This sermon was reviewed in light of Dr Michael Brown publicly lying that Brownsville had no connection with the controversial Toronto Blessing. This sermon blows this lie out of the water.

Sermon Review: Brownsville Revival “Sermon” by Carol Arnott


This sermon exposes the fact that Apostle John Kilpatrick lacked any power of the Holy Spirit in his meetings with his wicked bible twisting.

Sermon Review: The Mystery and Power of a Blessing by John Kilpatrick from the Brownsville Revival


This sermon review exposes Apostle Jentezin Franklin not only twisting the bible but pushing the dangerous shepherding doctrines known as the covering, sonship and spiritual fathers heresy.

Sermon Review: Revival Revelation Brings Testing by Jentezen Franklin


This sermon review exposes that Michael Brown is operating from the same demonic bible-twisting spirit like those who preached at Brownsville.

Sermon Review: Holy Desperation by Michael Brown


This sermon excerpt demonstrates that NARpostle John Kilpatrick is not afraid to flex his authority, to threaten anyone who opposes him with death.

Sermon snippet: John Kilpatrick The Last Man Who Opposed Me is Dead


This sermon excerpt exposes that no Holy Spirit was active in the Brownsville revival over the startling revelation emerged that the spiritually challenged NARpostle Heidi Baker preached at the ‘revival’. (When there’s no discernment in the leaders or congregants, there is no Holy Spirit present.)

Sermon snippet: Heidi Baker at Brownsville


When people are raised in religious movements where its leaders encourage people to lie about God and His word, these same leaders are essentially creating a very dangerous spiritual environment.

Dr Michael Brown has proven to be one of these leaders, continually lying about Brownsville, continually lying about being part of the NAR, continually lying about being an NARpostle and continually being deceitful in promoting NAR heresies under the guise of being Pentecostal, and even worse, as a follower/believer of Christ.

When Jesus gave explicit warning about false prophets (like Dr Michael Brown), we are to have nothing to do with them – they are inwardly ravenous wolves. Jesus condemns them as being the offspring of Satan, speaking the same deceiving language as their father of lies (and Dr Brown continually does). Why do Christians put with them?

It’s time to call out Dr Brown, his cohorts and this demonic man-made revival – and treat them as pagans and tax collectors for the sake of  the sheep that belong to the body of Christ.

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Article appeared on Churchwatch Central.  Republished with permission.