Charismatic Hippies Take a Knee for Racial Disharmony at D.C. Event

Pulpit & Pen News has the story:

They billed the event as a “Holy Spirit Woodstock.” The term hippies might be a broad brush to describe the charismatics flocking to the National Mall to take part in the ecstatic mind-altering worship experiences led by New Apostolic Reformation gurus like Lou Engle, but it’s hard to deny that the experience-driven, rhapsodic worshipers have something in common with the intoxicated celebrations in 1969 New York.

Steven Kozar writes of the futility and pointlessness of such a vaguely-objectiveless event at Messed Up ChurchDescribing the attendees singing nonsensical songs and blowing shofars to “blast away the darkness, Kozar writes…

Let’s be honest, folks, nothing is really happening here. Many of these people are wearing t-shirts from the last “world-changing” conference or rally that they attended. This is sad, delusional and useless activity being passed off as a “revival.” Do these people really believe that darkness has now been officially driven out because they gathered and clapped and stomped and chanted?

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