Why #MeToo Still Likes Bill Clinton

“After looking into her career just a tad,” writes a Fire Breathing Christian blogger, “one can easily confirm that [Alyssa] Milano has regularly contributed to and profited greatly (materially, at least) from helping escort the culture into the very hell that she’s now protesting.” FBC reminds us that the Bill Clintons of the world were “enabled, adored, funded, and voted for by much of the #MeToo crowd.” Likewise the “virtue signaling feminist/progressive #MeToo types … are not taking the same approach to Bill Clinton because he (and his machine) is still able to give them what they want.”

Like a once nimble, happy gazelle suddenly finding itself trapped and suffocating under the gut of a giant toppled zombie elephant, Hollyweird is desperately clinging to life as it lies crushed under the weight of Harvey Weinstein.

And that’s a good thing.

Painful, tragic, and ugly, to be sure, but good nonetheless.

In these early stages of what will no doubt be a long, trainwreck-in-slow-motion kind of production, one of the most prevalent attributes on display is hypocrisy.

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