‘Transracial’ German Model Undergoes Treatments to ‘Transition’ From Caucasian to Black

According to Christian News:

A Caucasian model from Germany is raising eyebrows as she has been undergoing various treatments this year to transition to living life as a black woman.

“Please understand me. I’m not a white woman with black skin and African hair. I’m a black woman with heart and soul,” Martina Adam wrote on Facebook in July. “Getting more and more the body of a black woman is so a wonderful and liberating feeling for me. I don’t want to offend anyone! But I’m not only outwardly a black woman; I’m also with heart and soul a black woman. I swear that by God!”

Adam, who initially underwent plastic surgery to look like model Pamela Anderson, decided to obtain a medical treatment earlier this year to increase her skin’s production of melanin, and also had her lips injected to appear fuller. She likewise obtained a dark weave to appear more African American.

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