Fusion GPS’s ties to Clinton campaign, Russia investigation: What to know

If you find the reports about Donald Trump’s alleged contacts between his associates and Russian officials confusing, Fox News has put together some of the puzzle pieces to help sort things out. Many of us know by now that the anti-Trump dossier not only accused then GOP candidate Donald J. Trump of colluding with Russia, the document also contained some obscene accusations against Trump, accusations that have been debunked. Not surprisingly, the Clinton campaign and the Obama Administration used the infamous dossier to try and destroy Trump, as you will see in the Fox News report:

Fusion GPS, the firm behind the controversial dossier of allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia, was – at least in part – hired by a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The revelation has sparked a frenzy among Republicans who have called for more information on just how involved former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the production of the unverified dossier.

Here’s what to know about the firm and its connection to the Russia investigations.

What is Fusion GPS?

Founded by veteran journalists, Fusion GPS “provides premium research, strategic intelligence, and due diligence services to corporations, law firms and investors worldwide,” according to its sparse website.

The Washington, D.C.-based firm also says it offers a “cross-disciplinary approach with expertise in media, politics, regulation, national security, and global markets.”

Fusion GPS was started in 2009 by former Wall Street Journal reporters Peter Fritsch and Glenn Simpson.

How is Fusion GPS linked to the Russia investigation?

The political firm was behind the controversial dossier that contained a number of colorful but unverifiable claims about Trump. The company retained British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who produced the 35-page dossier.

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