Taylor Swift’s Video: Newest Example of Demonic Symbolism?

According to Katie Nations, the pop star’s girl-next-door persona is gone. Nations finds the dark undertones of her latest production troubling. Swift’s new video has a bit of a demonic edge to it, says Nations. Nations’ is concerned that our society has embraced what was once considered taboo. “It is the normalization of evil.” LifeZette has the story:

Taylor Swift as we knew her is dead — at least that’s the marketing message Swift has built her music and her videos around this past year.

Just in time for Halloween, Swift dropped her new music video “…Ready for It” at the stroke of midnight this past Friday. Depending on one’s interpretation, the production is either a trick or a treat.

There’s an interesting compilation of various themes throughout the video. Swift struts through a line of masked guards in a dominatrix-like ensemble that is topped off with a hooded Jedi robe. She then meets her own nude image, which appears to be a cyborg or robot Taylor.

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