Hollywood Scandals Prove Celebs Are False Idols

In his piece over at LifeZette, Tom Joyce declares: “Eyes have been opened, and the public can now see the Hollywood industry for what it is — a flawed place, where predators have been protected for a very long time.”

Now that Tinseltown’s dirty laundry has been aired, will professing Christians continue supporting the industry with their hard earned money?

Joyce make it clear in his piece that Hellywood is not just a “flawed place.” He writes:

Moral grandstanding and political preaching from the glitterati are even more ludicrous in the face of sexual harassment cases, says Joyce.

Back in 2009, producer Harvey Weinstein told the Los Angeles Times that Hollywood had “the best moral compass,” citing fundraising efforts that celebrities had undertaken after national tragedies such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

It’s a quote that now looks completely ridiculous in light of the sexual assault and harassment allegations against the disgraced Weinstein and a growing number of other Hollywood players such as actors Jeremy Piven and Kevin Spacey.

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