That’s scary, Part 2: The spookier reason for the Passion Translation New Testament’s Oct. 31 release date

From Berean Research:

Many believers are unaware that the The Passion Translation (PT) is not a translation of Scripture at all. Holly Pivec of Spirit of Error points out that New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) “apostle” Brian Simmons’ “translation” is simply him “imposing his own fanciful interpretations on the text.” What Simmons does is change the original meaning of verses so that they appear to support NAR teachings. This is known as “Scripture twisting.”

In part one Pivec reveals that Simmons claims that Jesus visited him personally for the purpose of commissioning him to produce this new translation. She has warned that PT is one of the most dangerous developments in the NAR to date.

So now PT’s complete New Testament is available to purchase — but don’t waste your money.  Here’s why:

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