Most Charismatics Are Closet Cessationists

According to Eternity Matters (EM), charismatics have redefined healings, tongues and fallability of prophets from the original biblical definitions and even the nature of what a gift is. Adding to the problem, says EM, we have evangelical leaders like Dr. John Piper allow the charismatics’ redefinition of a prophet to stand; thus, “they can’t be dismissed even when they get loads of prophesies wrong.”

EM contends that both sides are cessationists…with one side being less so than the other. Here’s how they reached this conclusion:

Until recently I was a fence-sitter on the continuation/cessation of spiritual gifts debate topic, never really researching it enough to pick a side.  My position was that while the gifts could continue, I’d never seen them done properly (e.g., those enamored with the gift of tongues never obeyed the handful of verses governing their use).  Other than some “sloppy God talk” that I’ve addressed many times, I never went to a church where leaders took things too far (e.g., the Benny Hinn / Bill Johnson – Bethel / etc. nonsense).

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