Bethel Teaches to Declare God is in a Good Mood and Other Insanities

Anthony Wade examines the dead mess known as Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Those who know about NAR “Super Apostle” Bill Johnson and the church he pastors have watched some of the Youtube videos and seen for themselves the bizarre goings on during a typical Sunday morning service. According to Wade, Bethel’s “over-spiritualized notions of dreams, visions, angelic visitations, impartations, anointings, giftings and calls…are all biblically themed but not actually supported by the Word of God the way they are being taught.”

In his piece over at 8:28 Mnistries, Wade adds to the growing list of Bethel leadership’s  unbiblical–and quite frankly diabolical–teaching. He writes:

Beloved, we have covered the many heresies emanating from the cesspool known as Bethel Church in Redding California. This is the church operated by Bill Johnson, who never met a false teaching he didn’t like. The co-leader is the wildly heretical Kris Vallotton. Their resident “hipster prophet dude” is Shan Bolz who does psychic cold readings with his smart phone. They even have their own heretical worship act in Jesus Culture who are leading countless kids away from the real Christ with a false gospel. They operate a school of the supernatural where they actually teach people how to manifest the gifts of the Spirit, which completely usurps God’s power. Bethel is ground zero for experiential Christianity which eschews the Bible for our own personal experiences. They teach their adherents to “listen for God” and whatever pops into their minds is assumed to be God instead of their wickedly deceitful hearts. They operate a “dead raising team” that claims 15 resurrections to their credit without a shred of proof. The infamous “grave sucking” heresy also originated from Bethel. They teach that God always must heal us, that He is never angry with us, and the quid pro quo blessing theology of prosperity. If this sounds like a lot, there is even more, including dominionism, seven mountains theology, false signs and lying wonders, and word faith teachings. This information is hardly hidden as Bethel brags about their heresy and deems anyone who disagrees as needing a deeper revelation of the Spirit. We came across the above linked page on their website that states: “We love to declare promises and truth as we give our tithes and offerings. Below are declarations that we make during the offering time of our weekend services.”

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