Perry Noble Threatens Pulpit & Pen With Legal Action

From Berean Research:

UPDATE: There have been some significant developments in this story. According to P&P, the original post regarding Perry Noble’s “public relations and crisis manager” threatening legal action against P&P  has mysteriously disappeared from the site.

P&P describes what happened in the past few hours here, and includes the original article that was removed:

“That’s a first. A post we published about Perry Noble threatening us with legal action completely disappeared from our website. It has also been taken down from Church Watch Central, a site that also ran the story. We reached out to Church Watch Central, and they were told that we (that is, Pulpit & Pen) removed the article because they brought legal action against us and we agreed it was erroneous. That did not happen. Not only did they not bring legal action (they only threatened it), we did not take the article down. Frederick’s outfit lied. The article they threatened us about, in fact, is still up online.”   READ MORE HERE

This is a developing story. Whatever your opinion on the elements of the article, the most disturbing of all is the idea that anyone could remove a blogger’s post from his or her site without that blogger or site owner knowing. Updates will be posted here.

Posted 11/11/17

From Berean Research:

Berean Research has done some research into the “public relations and crisis manager” that’s threatening Pulpit & Pen with legal action, Hunter Frederick. According to  P&P:

She explains in her post, “Crisis Managed?,” that Frederick needs “to know they are repentant before [he] will work with them.”…“I called Frederick yesterday to ask him about his newest client, Tullian Tchividjian. After losing his ministry job last week, the former pastor contacted the agency, and on Monday, Frederick took him under counsel.”

So now Hunter Frederick has taken disgraced former pastor Perry Noble under counsel and, as you will see, Frederick’s now threatening P&P with legal action if they refuse to back off from telling the truth about Mr. Noble. Here’s what’s going on:

Perry Noble is the (formerly?) drunken pastor who played Highway to Hell on Easter Sundaycussed at his church members for wanting discipleship, was rebuked by his denomination for butchering the Ten Commandments, and who was released from his megachurch ministry position for unrepentance regarding alcohol and what appears to be marital indiscretions. Recently, we brought to you news of his divorce. Prior to that, we brought to you news that he was launching a ministry to help pastors grow their churches through what is essentially a business model.

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