What is The ‘Vision of the Waves’?

From Churchwatch Central:

While traveling in the Bahamas in 1956 as part of a gospel quartet, NAR Apostle Loren Cunningham claimed to receive a vision from God. It is often known as the ‘Vision of the Waves’.

Not only did this vision help launch his YWAM movement, it inspired many Charismatic/NARismatic leaders to try and get a vision from God to do similar mission work. Below is a video of Loren Cunningham talking about this vision – but also notice his theology.

Right from the beginning, we can say whatever gave him this vision was not of God but most likely from Satan himself. The reason for this claim is the false NAR gospel, the false NAR Jesus and the NAR mantras that accompany his theology in the remaining part of the second video.

We will be referring back to this vision in future articles. In the mean time, we hope you find the video and transcript below informative.

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