Todd Bentley Reveals Blurry Angel Photo as Proof of Charismatic Power

Pulpit & Pen News has the story and the alleged photo of the “sister” nun angel:

Todd Bentley, nicknamed by some as “Bam Bam Bentley” is best known for his physical violence toward the sick and the much-publicized 2008 Lakeland Revival, during which he was cheating on his wife and engaged in regular drunkenness. New Apostolic Reformation “apostles” – led by NAR founder, C. Peter Wagner and accompanied by Bethel Church’s Bill Johnson – anointed Todd Bentley as a spirit-filled, spirit-manifesting miracle worker.  None of these apostles and prophets – NONE – could perceive that Todd Bentley was an adulterous fraud when they laid hands on him. That video is below. View article →

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