Watch this Video of a Glory Cloud. Also…What is a Glory Cloud?

Some charismatics believe that something called a “glory cloud‘ is real and that this sort of thing is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. So if you’ve not yet seen God manifest his glory in a shower of glitter–oops!–gold dust floating down from the ceiling of a charismatic church, watch the video.  Pulpit & Pen News has the story:

What is a “glory cloud?” For starters, the only people who talk about the phenomenon of a “glory cloud” are charismatics. The term has been popularized in recent years, and so much so, that the term is often deployed with little to no explanation. The first time I heard the word was when Prophet Ray Martin interrupted his revival service to tell me he had seen my wallet go up into one. Since then, I’ve heard the term many more times.

The first known claim of an appearance of a so-called “glory cloud” is from Word-Faith founder, Kenneth Hagin. He recalled the following experience

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