Michael Brown has been WHITE-washed?

From Berean Research:

Churchwatch Central (CWC) begins with this statement: “We know that James White would not preach or tolerate a different Jesus, a different gospel or embrace a different spirit” which was followed by a question. But we’re going to ask the same question in a slightly different manner than CWC’s asked it, so here goes: Why in blue blazes would an acclaimed Christian apologist come out in support of a man who, without apology, promotes and befriends wolves in sheep’s clothing?

In their piece, CWC reveals who some of the wolves are.  One name you’ll recognize from reading our False Teacher Alerts is the Pope of the NAR movement, C. Peter Wagner, who held the lofty title “ICA Presiding Apostle.” After his death last year Che Ahn became his successor. Other names mentioned are self-professed “Super Apostles” Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner, both of whom Dr. Brown endorses. Brown has also gone to bat for soothsayer Jennifer LeClaire, says he approves of the Pied Piper of IHOP-KC Mike Bickle, uber false prophet Jonathan Cahn and a number of others who are just as wolfy as these folks are.

In their must read and share piece, CWC presents the reasons the Body of Christ should be deeply concerned about James White’s approval and support of Michael Brown:

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