Bethelgate – looking under the rug of Bethel administration

A few days ago we posted “Christalignment: Our cards lead the way….into the occult” and reported that a blog calling itself Christalignment uses “destiny cards,” which is just another name for tarot cards, to practice the prophetic. What’s the big deal? Tarot cards are used to tell one’s future. Fortune telling is an occult practice. Occultists believe they are endued with magical or supernatural powers. These folks are into witchcraft, satanism, and other forms of psychic discernment (tarot cards, astrology, seances, Runes, palm reading, teacup reading, etc.). So it is clear that the Christ in Christalignment is the New Age Christ, not the Christ of holy Scripture, as God’s people are not to participate in occult practices such as “destiny card” reading. (Deut. 18:10)

In a piece entitled “Charismatics Now Using ‘Christian’ Tarot Cards” Pulpit & Pen reported Bethel Church’s association with Christalignment by claiming that “some associated with Bethel Church in Redding, California – are engaging in what is essentially tarot card reading.” Bethel leader Kris Vallotton came out with a Facebook post denying the charge. Although Vallotton denies it, Churchwatch Central says his statement is misleading. In this article, CWC reveals that Bethel is fully aware of this tarot card ministry:

After denying the charge, Bethel was exposed for promoting necromancy, in the form of what is known as ‘grave-sucking’. Now Bethel and their leadership claim they are not responsible for promoting New Age occultism in the form of ‘tarot card readings’. This article refutes well known Bethel leader Kris Vallotton’s claims that this fringe group (Christalignment) does not represent Bethel. This article reveals Vallotton’s statement is very misleading.

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